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Hey there. My name is Ruth Hartmann and I have the privilege of living on the east coast of Canada. (New Brunswick) Living here, in a country setting, gives me lots of inspiration for paintings. I have always loved creating art. I love our natural world and am also a huge animal lover so for me, combining my love of animals and art has been a great joy! Though it was later in life when I finally attended art college at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, it was the spark that lit my imagination and set me on this journey of painting pet portraits. Prior to this I had mainly done graphic design work using computer graphics programs and digital tools. Since rediscovering my love of hands on illustration and now, painting - I can’t wait to get into my art studio and paint. My greatest reward is the joy and gratefulness I see in those who receive their portrait paintings which inspires memories of their beloved pets. Painting is a continual learning process of discovery and development for me. I’m looking forward to the days ahead and all the learning and joy to be found as I continue to express my love of animals and our natural world through painting! Pictured above is where we and our dogs enjoy our summers. No lack of inspiration here! 

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